Deepika Padukone Finally Talks About Her Wedding Rumors


In a chat with Anupama Chopra, Deepika Padukone talked about wedding rumors, social media obsession and success.

Image Courtesy: The Wall Street Journal

Finally addressing the buzz created about her alleged wedding plans with Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone said, “Marriage is an important institution for me. I’ve seen my parents, and it’s the way that I’ve been brought up. When it is the right time, I’ll feel it. It’ll happen when it has to happen.”

Rumors of a winter wedding have lately been doing the rounds with some reports even stating that the two families have begun shopping for it. The good news is Deepika’s statement is not an outright refutation, the bad news is we are still very much in the dark.

When asked whether all these rumors bother her, she answered, “No, because it’s 4th time engaged and 5th time married off, so it doesn’t surprise me anymore.”

Deepika who also works to spread mental health awareness talked about how social media might have an adverse effect on mental health,

“It’s about how much we consume of it. So I think it is about moderation. And while there are upsides to social media today, it’s also isolating us because we are not engaging with people around us anymore. I think there are moments when you don’t feel great about yourself, because you’re seeing someone else put up a version of themselves, of their life. But it’s not their whole life. Very, very few people will put up a post of them (sic) crying. So it’s not real. It’s a performance. So it’s tricky. “

Her last film, Padmaavat (co-starring Ranveer Singh), has been immensely successful. When asked about it, she said,

“It’s important to keep reminding yourself of why you are here and who are those people and what are those decisions that helped you get here. If I had to sum it up in one line – it is to not forget my roots. I mean that in so many ways. [sic]”

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