10 Bollywood Movies Which Were Never Released


Bollywood is reputed all over the world for its impeccable drama, music and its versatile storytelling

While there are movies which may not appeal to us as much, there are several more which speak on social topics relevant to this age.

Bollywood also has an entire spectrum of brilliant movies talking about society and social evils. Unfortunately, several among these films were banned from the big screen. This is an unfortunate situation. Yet, these movies are available online and through other mediums. So not to worry, for here is a list of 10 Bollywood movies which were never released:

  1. Mumbai Central

Mumbai Central

This story is about a woman called Gauri who falls in love with a guy called Rohit. She comes to Mumbai to live with him and because he promised her employment, but fate unravels itself in front of her differently.

  1. Paanch


This movie was directed by Anurag Kashyap. It stars Kay Kay Menon, Aditya Srivastava, Vijay Maurya, among other actors. It was a crime thriller. Unfortunately it never made it to the theaters.

  1. Fire


This movie highlighted a very controversial subject of lesbianism. Two women, Sita and Radha, find solace in each other as their husbands choose infidelity and celibacy over them. This was a part of a three part films series called Elements trilogy by Deepa Mehta.

  1. Black Friday

Black Friday

Directed by Anurag Kashyap, this movie was based on 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts that left the city in tatters. The movie stars several brilliant actors.

  1. Kama Sutra

Kama Sutra

The movie stars actress Indira Varma in the role of Maya in the backdrop of 16th century, this movie was banned because of its sexually aggressive image and exploration of female sexuality.

  1. Fired


This movie was a psychological horror movie starring Rahul Bose. The story was about a CEO of a firm who was a maniacal persona and his absurd behaviour during an economic shut down. This movie was banned in theatres due to its nude scenes.

  1. Bandit Queen

Bandit Queen

This movie is about a woman called Phoolan Devi, who grows to be the leader of a gang after being subjected to sexual abuse and social discrimination because of belonging to a lower caste. Starring Seema Biswas, this movie was banned due to its explicit scenes and bold content.

  1. The Pink Mirror

The Pink Mirror

This is an award-winning film produced and directed by Sridhar Rangayan. This movie was about two transsexual women and a gay man’s attempt to seduce a man. This was one of the rarest films to touch on a topic the society claims as squeamish.

  1. Parzania


This movie was directed by Rahul Dholakia and it revolved around a Parsi couple who struggle to deal with their son who ardently participated in genocidal riots. The movie stars Shehnaz, Nasiruddin Shah and several other remarkable actors.

  1. Kissa Kursi Ka

Kissa Kursi Ka

This movie stars Shabana Azmi and is directed by Amrit Nahata. The plotline recites a drama about two rival political parties and how drama unravels due to elections. This is an extremely controversial movie because of its portrayal of harsh realities.

The complex plots and emotions are captured uniquely and beautifully in most of the movies. So if you wish to watch some brilliant yet controversial movies over this weekend, you know where to begin!

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