Aadamkhor Hatyara (Official Teaser) – A Raj Comics Web Film


Aadamkhor Hatyara

Get ready to relive your worst, bone-crunching, meat-pounding NIGHTMARE!

Aadamkhor hatyara, The famous crime-thriller comic book from 90’s is coming back in the form of a web series named “Aaadamkhor The Cannibal”.

Kshitij Sharma, a successful short movie director will be directing this web series. Makers of the Aadamkhor Hatyara The cannibal, Raj Comics Publication has announced that they will be producing this web series through crowd funding.

On their Facebook page they have released a statement also, “We will also need your cooperation to make this, because this web series will be made from the Crowd Funding.The full details will be given to you soon.”

The story starts with a professor goes to a cottage to spend his holidays. At one night he mysteriously gets killed by a killer. No evidence of the killer was found and he remained a mystery. Just few days after professor got killed his daughter comes to the cottage with her friends. The series of killings starts ever since they entered the cottage.

Here Presenting the teaser of Aadamkhor the Web Film, based on the iconic Indian horror comic book “Aadamkhor Hatyara” from Raj Comics.

Directed by Kshitij Sharma

Produced by RajPrem Films

Music credit: “If I was your vampire” by Marilyn Manson

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