Actresses In Bollywood Who Are Around 40 And Still Unmarried


Actresses In Bollywood Who Are Around 40 And Still Unmarried

Our society considers marriage to be one of the most important milestones in a woman’s life! But several females have deterred from this ideology including several Bollywood actresses. They chose to live a single life no matter what the society thought. So here is a list of Bollywood actresses who are around 40 and unmarried:

  1. Amisha Patel

Amisha Patel is an extremely talented and highly educated actor. Her debut super-hit film in Bollywood was Kaho na Pyaar Hai. Not only is she gorgeous, but for her marriage is not as important.

  1. Sushmita Sen

She was the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant of 1994. After her win, she went on to pursue a career in Bollywood. She excelled there too with a few amazing roles. Sushmita Sen is now a single mother of two gorgeous daughters. She has gone a long way to break societal stereotypes. She is a diva, a mom and a super amazing single lady!

  1. Tanishaa Mukerji

Tanisha Mukerji has been on several Bollywood films. Although she did not make it as a very successful actress, she has maintained her glam. She was also seen on the reality show Big Boss, where she linked up with Armaan Kohli, but they broke up later on. She has been enjoying her singlehood ever since.

  1. Tabu

In the 90s, she was the most talented actress in the film industry and she still stands to be on the list. Her simplicity has won a million hearts. She was linked with several men in the industry such as Sanjay Kapoor and Sajid Nadiawala. Yet, she did not initiate marital ties with anyone. She is independent and happily single!

  1. Nargis Fakri

She is also someone who does not have faith in the concept of marriage. The gorgeous actress was in the Hollywood industry earlier but how she has been playing some great roles in Bollywood as well. The actress had an affair with Uday Chopra. But now she is rocking her singlehood!

6. Shamita Shetty


She had made her way into Bollywood in a few films but she did not make it llarge. Then she took up interior designing as a career. She was rumoured to have an affair with Harman Bhaweja and Uday Chopra/ her affairs did not work out and how she lives happily with her family. She certainly has no regrets!

  1. Neha Dhupia

She is a bold and a talented actress in Bollywood. She has been seen in several roles in her films and she aced all of them. She was known to have been in a relationship with Ritwik Bhattacharya and James Sylvester. Yet, she has chosen to not marry anyone and enjoy her amazing singlehood.


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