Avenger’s Endgame Director Joe Russo: The Actors Can’t Spoil Anything, If They Don’t Know Anything.

Joe Russo india
Joe Russo

Movie director, Joe Russso, who directed one of the highest grossing movie series recently visited India before the release of their film Avengers Endgame and revealed how the actors in their movies can’t spoil anything as they only get their script prior to their shoot.

Russo, who promised he would visit India back in 2018 during an interview with YouTuber Ashish Chanchalani, did apparently complete his promise by coming to India for the promotion of the last film of the Avenger’s Film Series.

When asked about how the directing Duo protected the circuitous plot from spoilers during the shooting, Russo revealed that he infact doesn’t show the script to the actors until their designated shoot. Russo also said that the scripts and fate of the character was only revealed to the actors playing the said character. ‘Star Lord doesn’t need to know what happened to Captain America.’ Russo told Chanchalani.

The movie Avenger’s Endgame directed by the Russo Brother’s which evidently is the last movie of the series is set to be released on 26 April in India.

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