Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN


Trailer for the infinity war is finally here after months and months of waiting and more than a decade of cinematic build up

but lets just dive right into it our trailer opens with the shot of a planet from both the SDCC trailer and this trailer I can safely say this is the planet on which the final battle against Thanos takes place

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

the question is which planet is this ?? is it some random world is it a ruins and or I mean it could even be earth shaped and twisted by the power of the Infinity Gauntlet but we just don’t know right now and you can tell which scenes take place on this planet just look at the background.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN tony stark

on that planet we see a clearly worse for the where Tony Stark and we’re not sure why he’s crying but any sdcc trailer we did see that he was tending for a spider-man who was really fairly wounded in the battle against Thanos and baby Peters a casualty.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN hulk

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN dr strange

in the next shot we see Bruce Banner potentially just after transforming back in a banner from being the Hulk in the basement of these sanctum sanctorum after crashing through the ceiling with dr. strange Wong looking down on him they’re quickly met by Tony Stark again are there as events unfold in New York what events well it looks like the Big Apple itself will be one target of fan OSes invasion.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN spiderman

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

on a school bus we see that Peter Parker’s spider sense activates as the hairs on his arms stand up something that probably surprises him as much as us because it wasn’t present in spider-man homecoming just what activated it you ask well a massive ring ship in the sky above Manhattan which begins to spin and we have very little info on what this ship is it’s our first time seeing this but my guess is that’s a portal of some kind maybe a door for thanos’s Black Order looking for the time stone owned by of course one dr. Steven strange

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

either way it’s got the attention of Tony Stark Doctor Strange and banner as well as your friendly neighborhood spider-man and of course Wong and it looks like this takes place early on in the movie is they look fresh here and definitely worse for the wear in other places later in the trailer.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

we also get a quick glimpse of the vision and Scarlet Witch and since the events of
Civil War, it looks like they’ve gotten a little bit Closer at the point that they’re living together and vision has adopted a more human form although.

we see the mine stone still activating in its forehead this does come on the heels of some news this week that we might see their twin children from the comics Thomas and William, who of course were very short-lived for very different reasons and in the film we find them living the domestic life potentially retired from heroics before the mind stone of course draws vision back into the conflict it looks like that conflict might have massive consequences for him too as we see what looks like Corvus glaive prying the mind stone from his head we don’t know how that goes but for then us to complete the gauntlet of course he’s going to need the mine stone so that’s gonna have to leave visions skull I’ve seen some speculation that because the more human form vision is adopted he might just become a human if the mine stone is removed but I think that’s unlikely I think that’s just a projection he’s presenting as the stone isn’t just what grants empowers it’s it’s what powers him in the first place.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

we also see a pretty striking scene that very probably takes place early on in the film as well as Loki surrounded by devastation steps over dead bodies and hands the tesseract to an unseen being now this is just a theory I’ve seen in some other places but I’m guessing this scene picks up right where the after credits sequence of Thor Ragnarok left us with Thanos’s ship intercepting the nomads as guardians in space was some devastating consequences obviously speaking of that space stone

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

we see Thanos use it step into a portal of its own creation to appear on that planet we discussed earlier from the beginning of the trailer and looking at the background I think this very well could be earth it could be a warped New York City or some other major metropolis as you look at that structure in the bottom right it kind of looks like a ruined building jumping into the cosmic side of things for a second

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

Thor in the film will be hanging out with the guardians of the galaxy find him drifting in space as per the SDCC trailer and at the end of this trailer he’s just been picked up by them messed up by and all but of the most interesting shot in this trailer to me we see Thor in a massive device either holding it together or trying to activate it somehow and what the devices remains to be seen but you know maybe this has something to do with him getting me on your back maybe this is some kind of ancient device that he’s trying to activate against Thanos we just don’t know but clearly it is cosmic in

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN and I hear you guys like Captain America so let’s talk about him, in the trailer we see one of the black order Proxima midnight throw her spear only for it to be caught by none other than a bearded black-clad at Steve Rogers in the wake of civil war and now a soldier without an army Steve is expected to become nomad an alter-ego he held at one point after getting disillusioned with the US government abandoning the Captain American name and uniform and if you look closely as uniform you’ll see that not only is it black and not red white and blue he’s actually ripped the star from the uniform and the Avengers patch on the side of his arm as well like literally physically ripped from the uniform.

but let’s talk about Wakanda

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN hulkbuster

that seems like it’ll be a major focus of the action in the film alongside Black Panther we see banner the Hulkbuster and presumably Tony the newly blond Black Widow Falcon and Winter Soldier all in one place as well as war machine later on in the trailer I mentioned Tony there but interestingly in the final lineup we don’t see Tony at all we do see a suit that as I said that looks like war machine and if Tony wasn’t there which I mean isn’t unlikely because we see him a lot of other places in the trailer then the Hulkbuster earlier was either remote-controlled or potentially my favorite theory piloted by banner who we saw standing next to it’s arm earlier on in the trailer.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN

unfortunately if you were hoping this movie was going to be free of the CGI monster hordes you’re a mistaken as we see that Wakanda the team and the armies of Wakanda is battling an army of massive for armed monsters.

Avengers Infinity War Trailer BREAKDOWN thanos

but finally let’s talk about Thanos and a potential timeline for the film just constructed from what we see in this trailer and the SDCC trailer.

First we see him standing in front of a fire saying his line about balancing the universe and no fun not being something you usually consider when doing that and interestingly despite the previous shot of him adding the space stone to the gauntlet it looks like he only has the power stone in that shot when he sang that line that to me suggests that an invasion of Zander will be how we opened the film or where we first find the mad Titan with Thanos attacking the planet to retrieve the Power Stone first then we catch up with the after credit scene of Thor ragnaroks we see Loki presumably presents him with the tesseract and so he has the space stone to his collection.

however in the trailer we only ever see him with those two gems even though we see the black order definitively corner vision and at least try to take the mine stone and that still lives the aether I ka the reality stone presumably still with the collector the eye of agamotto it can a the time stone with dr. strange and the soul stone which is presumably with the heroes of protecting in Wakanda though of course we won’t know for sure untilblack panther releases and as i mentioned what’s so interesting about

that is that we see him wearing those two gyms in the trailer but also facing

off with iron man and even spider-man on that ruined planet and so i don’t have it i don’t really have an answer for that maybe a group of the heroes try and take him out or keep him busy while the rest handle the black order and play keep-away with the gems maybe they’re trying to find another solution for it all we just don’t know so let me know what you think about that puzzle and what you thought of the trailer it was awesome in my opinion of course they didn’t do a reaction for it I chose to do this instead but I want to hear your reactions what did you think?? Comments Below ..

Watch The Avengers Infinity War Official Trailer Below

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