Bhit Ja Bhitai Hadiqa Kiani (The Sindhi Chapter – Music Video)


After “The Saraiki Chapter” from WAJD crossed 1 Million views, officially releasing “The Sindhi Chapter!” This single, which pays tribute to Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai, is very close to my heart, I have aimed to sing solely with my soul, as my spectacular musicians have played their instruments with their souls, and I hope that that comes through to you through this performance. Love.

Listen to the audio excluviely on Patari:

Review in Instep: ” The song is the classic folk tune ‘Bhit Ja Bhitai’ but its Kiani’s rendition of the same that is thrilling. More to the point, it is her first song in this particular language. Backed by a strong music ensemble, the song sounds organic and therefore, beautiful. The deliberate ethnic diversity on Wajd is a strong statement to make in these divisive, polarizing times.”

Watch Bhit Ja Bhitai Hadiqa Kiani Below

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