Here Is The Big Boss Contestant Who Became The First Finalist


Bigg boss season 10

Manveer Gurjur and Mannu Punjabi who successfully won the task Solar system got the chance to become the first finalist of  Bigg Boss Season 10.

Bigg boss asked them to perform another task and said whoever will win this task shall become the first finalist. Manveer and Mannu had to go to a suburban mall in Mumbai, where they had been kept inside a box shaped jail, Both of them were put to request the people in the mall to vote for them so that they can go to the finale.

At the public place Mannu and Manveer received humongous response from their fans. Manveer even got kisses from his female following. Both were looking overwhelmed with the love and madness people showed to them. But eventually Manveer Gurjur won the task defeating his fellow contestant and friend Mannu Punjabi. People are also speculating that he’ll also win this season, Salman also likes him and some of the ex bigg boss contestant from previous season also said they like Manveer and they would like to see him win.

Bigg boss season 10

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