Bigg Boss Has Paid Way Too Much Money To Rimi Sen


Bigg Boss Nau contestant Rimi Sen

In Bigg Boss season 9 Rimi Sen has been the most controversial contestant so far.She never shown any interest in being or participating in show unlike other contestants. After saying hundredths of times that she wants to leave the show and being nominated every week , still she is in the Bigg Boss house without making any efforts. All those events doesn’t makes sense but now it seems like everything is clear. According to Mid day Report, Rimi Sen has charged 2 crore for coming on the show which is way too high than winning price money that is just 50 lakhs. When Rishabh sinha gave her advice to breach the contract and return all the money she replied,”Ab ek mahine ke Torture ke baad paise toh main nahi vapas karungi”.

Last week again she refused to do the task even when she was not the part of any of the teams her part was to do the work of “Sanchalak”. Now viewers are pissed off her reckless behavior. People are shaming her over her attitude in the show on Twitter.

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