Birthday Special: 5 Times Sonam Kapoor Proved To Be Good Actress Not Just A Star Kid


Birthday Special: 5 Times Sonam Kapoor Proved To Be Good Actress Not Just A Star Kid

There is no doubt that Sonam Kapoor has established herself as a fashion icon and inspiration in Bollywood, she has managed to make an unmistakable mark on the fashion industry but one thing that remains much underrated about her is her talent as an actor. Her early movies were much criticized by the public as well as critics simply because she is known more for being Anil Kapoor’s daughter and a fashionista. So here are five times Sonam Kapoor proved that she’s more than a celebs daughter and has acting talent…


The 2016 drama and thriller Neerja has to be Sonam’s best movie even. In the film, she plays Neerja, a model and flight attendant who boards Pan Am flight 73 in 1986. When the flight is hijacked by terrorists, Neerja does all she can to stall the terrorists from attacking the 359 passengers on board. The movie was largely appreciated and bagged Sonam the critics’ choice Filmfare award for best actress in 2016.


raanjhnaa sonam kapoor

After many of her movies were bashed by the public, the 2013 Romance drama Raanjhanaa became a career-changing movie for Sonam. The movie follows an eternal love story that chronicles the journey of Sunder and Zoya, as they travel through the realms of life. When Sunder discovers that Zoya loves someone else, he sacrifices his love. Sonam’s played the role of a Muslim girl and student politician and this character were so strong that it changed people’s perception about her completely.


padman sonam kapoor

Recently released Akshay Kumar starrer Padman drove Sonam’s career toward new heights. Centered on a social cause of creating awareness on women’s hygiene, Padman is a darling of the critics and Sonam received much applause for her good choice in a script and acting.

4.DELHI – 6

The 2006 Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra directed musical drama followed an NRI who returns with his ailing grandmother to his homeland and gets caught in a bizarre temple-mosque dispute in the heart of Delhi. Starring Sonam Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan. Even though it was only Sonam’s second movie, she rocked the role of a typical middle class, old Delhi girl and received lots and lots of love from the general public.


Aisha sonam kapoor

Even though Sonam’s character in Aisha was pretty stereotyped because of her image as a fashion icon and celeb’s daughter, she nailed it perfectly and served the audience with a movie they would also remember. The movie followed Aisha, who loves playing matchmaker and finds a new target in the simple Shefali, played by Amrita Puri. But in the process, she ends up ruining her relationship with close friends. Her neighbor Arjun, played by Abhay Deol is critical of her as well. The film captured the mistakes in high society perfectly.

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