Chloe Grace Moretz Is looking Sexy In Leaked Scenes Of ‘I Love You Daddy’


Chloe Grace Moretz is looking damn sexy in the leaked scenes of her I Love You Daddy!

Louis C.K.’s black comedy “I Love You, Daddy” was released this week but soon it came out of theaters. After the comedian Louis C.K.’s film fell into controversy the distributors refused to release the movie due to its inappropriate sexual conduct.

Thereafter, Louis tried to buy back the rights of the movie but he couldn’t.

Just two days ago I Love You Daddy got leaked online and was uploaded on torrent sites. After the movie went online scene from the movie also went viral featuring Chloe Grace Moretz wearing a two piece bikini.

In the leaked scene she can be seen with an old man with barely having any clothes on other than bikini.

“I Love You, Daddy,” shot in black and white also stars C.K. as a successful TV writer whose daughter becomes the object of obsession for an older, well-known movie director.

Here Checkout the scenes from the movie I Love You Daddy featuring Chloe Grace Moretz:

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