Hailey Baldwin Slays In Wonderland Magazine Photoshoot!


 Hailey Baldwin poses for sultry Pics for the Wonderland Magazine Photoshoot !

The 21 year-old model Hailey Baldwin did a revealing photo shoot for wonderland magazine. Hailey is looking super sexy in every picture as she poses for retro inspired pictures.

All the credit for showing us the sexiest sight of this beautiful lady goes to famous fashion photographer Christian Oita.

In all the pictures Hailey looks like a dream in mellow light and sexy clothing. In one of a picture she’s wearing a red Tommy Hilfiger Undies and crop t shirt is the best one from the lot.

In another picture, Hailey Balwin is flaunting her perfectly toned body in a bathtub wearing a bikini.

Here take a look at all the sultry pictures from the photoshoot:

Image courtesy: Wonderland magazine


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