Jared Leto’s Joker To Get His Own Movie

Jared Leto new Joker film
Jared Leto

“Jared Leto’s joker to get his own movie”

Back in 2017, Warner Bros. and DC Comics revealed that they were planning an ‘origin story’ movie based on the character of Joker that appeared in the 2016 superhero flick Suicide Squad.

Although the film wasn’t received well by the critics but it performed well at the box office, collecting more than $750 Million worldwide.

Jared Leto’s version of the joker received mixed reviews from the critics and the fans. However, the Oscar-winning actor was eager to delve deeper into his character in a new film.

According to Variety, the Blade Runner 2049 actor will executive-produce the standalone Joker film.

Warner Bros. had already announced that the character of Harley Quinn (played by Margot Robbie) will also get a separate film. However, things became even more confusing when rumours about a Jared Leto new Joker film, other than Leto’s, started floating on the internet. 

It was reported that Warner Bros., in order to diversify the DC Extended Universe, is planning a ‘separate’ film based on the character of the Joker.

The film, currently in the developmental stage, will be directed by Todd Phillips and will feature Joaquin Phoenix in the role of the make-up wearing criminal mastermind.

With Leto all set to reprise his version of the Joker in the sequel to Suicide Squad, that will go into production in 2019, It will be really interesting to see how the audience will react to two different actors, playing the same character in two different films.

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