Jennifer Lawrence Looked Sultry In Black Versace Dress


Jennifer Lawrence was spotted wearing a gorgeous Versace dress for a Red Sparrow photo call on Tuesday in London.

The dress was a sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline and a high thigh split. She looked absolutely stunning. She was seen posing with her co-stars who were huddled in jackets. Several people all over the internet criticized her for dressing up that way in the biting cold weather. People tweeted outrageously with mixed opinions on the dress and the picture to the point of making this a controversy. People also pointed out the difference between how men and women are expected to dress in society.

To counter all these arguments, Jennifer Lawrence remarked that she was out in the cold only for five minutes to pose for the picture and she did not want to ruin her dress in the picture by wearing a coat over it. She also remarked that this is not a feminist issue but rather a trivial one which people are paying too much heed to.

She said wearing the dress was her choice because of her love for the dress and her wish to not ruin it by adding a jacket or a scarf. According to her, it was in no way a sexist issue. She asked everyone to focus on mere real and relevant issues ‘get a grip!’

The event in question took place in London’s Corinthia Hotel during a photocall for red sparrow, a thriller movie in which Jennifer Lawrence plays a Soviet spy!

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