Pari Movie Review : Pari Has Bewildered Story line And Its A Dark Film


Pari Movie Review

Movie: Pari

Cast: Anushka Sharma, Parabrata Chatterjee, Rajat Kapoor

Director: Prosit Roy

Producers: Clean state films, Kriarj Films

Rating: ∗ ∗ ∗ (3 stars)

Review: Bollywood has failed to deliver good content in the horror genre of movies. Moreover all the Horror films go flat at the box-office due its bad story line, over the top VFX/ Background score and mediocre acting.

The trailer and screamers of Pari has managed to excite the audiences and kept the interest intact with horrifying scenes. Pari promised to be unrivalled horror movie than any other Bollywood horror movie. But its not one of the best horror movie you would wish to see.

Pari starts from secluded jungle scene on an abandoned road where Arnab (Parambrata) finds a girl named Rukhsana(Anushka) who’s scared to even light and decides to take her to his home. Now the plot begans to unravel its mystery. Movie tells you about jinns and evil cults who want to bloodline existence in the dark side of the world. Rukhsana is the heir of that bloodline and posses some evil sovereignty. A professor (Rajat Kapoor) from Bangladesh finds those women (daughters of satan) chained them at abandoned places. One of those women fled away and gives birth to a daughter(Rukhsana). 

Pari stretches its canvas from Kolkata to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Pari has some bone chilling scenes which stay in your mind even after the movie ends. One of those are when professor takes his one eye ball out and puts it in a jar of water. Pari scares you at some places but its story baffles you at some places too. Overall its a horror movie yet soothing melancholic music, an enchanting love story and keeps your interest intact in the movie.

Pari is Anushka Sharma’s third movie as a producer after ‘NH10’ and ‘Phillauri’. Pari is different from all the three movie and all of them featured Anushka Sharma in lead roles.

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