Priyanka Chopra & Nick Jonas Together At His Cousin’s Wedding


Just last week, the internet’s most discussed couple was photographed together at the JFK airport in New York City but it’s a new day and Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are feeding the internet well.

The couple arrived together at Nick’s cousin’s wedding in Atlantic City. They were photographed walking arm in arm. Nick looked like a complete gentleman as he escorted PC toward the venue.

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Priyanka looked stunning in a green-ish gold satin dress as clung to nick throughout the ceremony. The two sat together, hand in hand and were snapped laughing and enjoying at the event.

It’s quite clear now that the two are dating since Nick has decided to let Priyanka meet his family. That’s a big deal! Wow, we wonder if the duo is getting really serious about this.

Recently, Priyanka has been under fire for a new episode in her holly TV series Quantico, in which it is revealed that Indians in the show are terrorists and Pakistanis the victims. She has been labeled anti-nationalist and insensitive to the Indians who have suffered and died at the hands of Pakistani terrorists.

She has, since, released an apology, claiming that she loves her nation and is Indian in heart and soul.

Priyanka will soon be returning to India after finishing Quantico which has been canceled due to low ratings to finish shooting for the Salman Khan starrer Bharat.

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