Priyanka Chopra’s “Best Weekend Ever” is an Aww Moment for her Fans

Priyanka Chopra Spends Her Weekend With her lovely Nieces!

Priyanka Chopra mainly known by the name of PC is not just spending but living a noteworthy Fam time! Priyanka Chopra who is busy with her commitments she always understands her personal time. She is just back from the Oscars 2017 and went to meet her new born nieces. She posted a photo on Instagram captioning, Masi’s precious# babytime #besthugsever???#weekendgetaway. Even when she is very busy with her work she always keeps weekends in a corner for her family.


This weekend was a “best weekend ever” for PeeCee as she spent some aunt-neice time with her nieces. She shared pictures on Instagram where we see Priyanka cuddling with her nieces. They are more than adorable as we cannot get our eyes of this pictures. In a picture, we can see Priyanka relaxing on a sofa with the baby in her arms.


In another picture, the baby is drumming on Priyanka’s face which are stress busters for us. These are the best pictures of PeeCee. Priyanka’s obsession with her niece remains of the moments that you spent with your loved ones.

Priyanka chopra and her nieces


These pictures of Priyanka gives you the strong relationship goals.what do you think of priyanka’s this sweet gesture!


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