Punjabi Singer Guri’s New Singer Golden Rung Song Will Make You Groove


Punjabi singer Guri’s New ‘Golden Rung song’ is out now

And we can’t help but groove to it. The song starts out mellow and soft but the production kicks in just after a few seconds and takes you to a higher place.

It’s perfect to play in your car while you’re on a long drive. In the exotic sounding song, Guri sings about falling in love with a girl’s ‘Golden Rung’.

Honestly, this song is already more ethnically diverse than other’s like Chittiyan Kalaiyyan, it’s by time artists acknowledged the fact the girls don’t have to be ‘white’ to be beautiful.

The video for the song has been directed by Satti Dhillon and the location and aesthetics complement the song’s exotic nature and mellow vibe perfectly.

It follows the singer as he sings about a girl he’s fallen in love with as he drives around in his convertible. Guri, who’s famous for other songs such as Chootay Maatay, Publicity, Milo na and Bewafa, also shows us some of his killer moves as he serenades his ‘golden’ girl around town.

So go head and quickly check out the song because it’s sure going to make you move to it’s rhythm

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Harleen Kaur