Remembering Sridevi: A look back on the best movies of Sridevi


Legendary Actress Sredevi Bid Adieu To The World But Will Always Be There In Our Heart

Shree Amma Yanger Ayyapan, professionally known as Sridevi is regarded as Hindi cinema’s first “female superstar”. She was one of the most venerated actresses of Bollywood, known for her amazing acting skills and also her bedazzling beauty. Her demise on the 24th of February, 2018 plunged the entire country into mourning. Her death is a great loss to Bollywood. But the fact remains that she will remain in our hearts eternally.

Here is a list of the best movies of Sridevi, just a reminder to all of us of her versatility and passion:

  1. Sadma

In this film, Sridevi acted in the role of Nehalata Malhotra who is rescued by Kamal Haasan in the role of K. Somprakash from a brothel. Yet he finds out that due to a brain injury, she behaves like a 6 year old. Her memories revive soon and problems unravel. Sridevi’s versatile acting got her a Filmfare award for this film.

  1. Chandni

best movies of Sridevi

Her role in this film was a character called Chandni whose fiancé gets paralyzed in an accident and thus she is forced to start afresh. Circumstances become such that her boss falls in love with her and she agrees to marry him. She faces a dilemma when her fiancé comes to life. She was highly appreciated for her role.

  1. Mr. India


This is an iconic film featuring Sridevi opposite Anil Kapoor. Sridevi played a journalist in this film and she was a delight to watch all through the duration of the film. The film showcased her skills as an amazing comic actor by her uncanny imitation of Charlie Chaplin. She won a Filmfare special award for her performance in Mr India.

  1. Lamhe


Yash Chopra’s Lamhe had Sridevi act in a double role and won her another Filmfare for best actress. Portraying both mother and daughter in this multi-generational love story, she proved to the audience that she is nothing short of amazing!

  1. Nagina


This film saw Sridevi in the role of a ‘nagini’ who takes a human disguise to avenge her partner. This was the biggest blockbuster of the year. This movie also features the famous Main Teri Dushman dance.

  1. Chaalbaaz

best movies of Sridevi

This is a classic comedy drama featuring Sridevi. This movie also won her a Filmfare award. Her performance was highly regarded because of her timely giggles and ability to look tearful when the scene required it.

  1. Judaai

best movies of Sridevi

In this film, she plays the role of a woman Kajal, who gets lured by the wealth of another woman called Janhvi and asks her husband to marry her. Janhvi is the rich daughter of her boss. Later problems unravel in her life as they get into this pickle.

  1. Laadla

best movies of Sridevi

This movie features Sridevi in the role of Sheetal, a headstrong owner of a factory. She marries the union leader of her factory to teach him a lesson and she learns a few lessons herself meanwhile.

  1. Gumrah

best movies of Sridevi

This is a thriller movie featuring Sridevi in the role of Roshni who is an aspiring singer and problems unravel as she falls in love with a man called Rahul and they travel internationally.

  1. English Vinglish

best movies of Sridevi

This movie was a comeback for Sridevi to the big screens. Her performance was excellent in this movie. She played the role of a quintessential housewife who is mocked by her family for not knowing English. She soon learns English and also realizes her self-worth. Her character in this film is very real and relatable and she did not fail to sprinkle her magic upon us!


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