selena gomez’s new single ” Good For You ” grabbed #1 on itunes


selena gomez

Official Song ” Good For You “

Selena has recently released her new single ‘Good for You’  featuring A$AP  Rocky from the upcoming album ‘Rebirth’.the song is already on the NO.1 replacing Taylor swift’s ‘bad blood’ on U.S. itunes and in other countries also.Video of the song is steamy and seductive and Selena has completely nailed it by her sexy body.The song ‘Good for you’ much different as compared to her previous songs. 

Here is what she said about the song that,”This is the most I’ve been creatively involved from the writing process… every single thing I’m even remotely singing about is something I’ve related to and something I’m hitting the nail on, and I had to pick what was going to represent the album and who I am as a whole.

Selena also said that in this album she is going to reveal the ‘TRUTH’,she might be talking about her Ex-boyfriend Justin bieber as she says,”It’s my time to embrace who I am, and I’m not going to sit down in a chair and talk about something that doesn’t mean anything to me anymore”

If haven’t listened that song then you must have because you wouldn’t have seen her like this before and as she says this one is so far so best song for her .

Watch The Video Below

Good For You Music Video’s Images


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