Sridevi’s Lip Surgery Goes Horribly Wrong: Spot The Difference!


Looks Like Sredevi Has Undergone A Plastic Surgery Which Didn’t Go Well

In the age of digital media nothing goes missed from the eyes of the camera. Recently Sridevi was spotted at the Anurag Basu’s saraswati Pooja and after that pictures of her started going viral. A video of Sridevi has also gone viral claiming that she has gone under the knife. People are predicting that its a lip job. But the claims made by social media doesn’t seem to be totally naive. She does look different and her lips looks swollen clearly. You can spot the difference!

Whereas, Its not the first time that rumors of sredevi having done the plastic surgery are doing rounds. Earlier also at the time of release of English Vinglish she was questioned about the same. Then she denied it saying, ““No, I haven’t. I want to tell these people that instead of whining and criticizing, why don’t you move out of your comfort zone, zip your mouth and slog it out? Then let’s talk! There will be a visible change not just in your appearance, but also in your attitude. But if you’re a lazy bum, hooked to TV, and cannot give up your food because you know you can undergo cosmetic surgery, you’re damned! It doesn’t work like that. Anything that is plastic melts in no time. You have to understand that there’s a regime for everything and you benefit by associating yourself with it. To look and feel good, you have to slog it out.”

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