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Song: Sajni
Artist: Strings Exploring their roots and channeling the energy from their maiden and sophomore albums, Strings cultivates a fresh sound to celebrate 30 years of making music with the release of ‘Sajni’.Amidst bursts of color and quirky moments, the duo transport us with a retro vibe in the music video, directed by Yasir Jaswal, keeping with the playfulness of the song.

Urr Jaoon

Song: Urr Jaoon
Artist: Strings
Lyricist: Bilal Maqsood
Video Director: Jami Moor

The second track of the album, “30”, Urr Jaaon is a mellow number featuring Maqsood’s mellifluous vocals cushioned in the quintessential Strings pop-rock sound. With lyrics that lift the song to a whole new sphere, the experience of Urr Jaoon is personal and heavy with emotion.

This video also marks the reunion of Strings & Jami, a dynamic combination that has always led to some groundbreaking audio-visual collaborations. With Urr Jaoon, Jami cleverly juxtaposes the war between the light and the dark within ourselves through the conceptual music video. Shedding light upon an issue that plagues our society, the song is given a new meaning with the visual landscape that he sculpts.

Piya Re

Mil Gaya

Song: Mil Gaya
Artist: Strings
Lyricist: Bilal Maqsood
Video Director: Kamal Khan

Staying true to their decades old sonic aesthetic, Strings’ fourth song ‘Mil Gaya’ from their ongoing album “30” takes the listener through a melodious experience with the band’s soulful vocals and smooth guitar tones. The lyrics of the song beautifully pen the thoughts and longings of a lover.
Directed by Kamal Khan and shot in Lyari, the video speaks to the viewer on another level. It narrates the journey of a misguided teenager who loses his way to the obscenities of society but is able to find a light that guides his way out of it. The video is extremely relatable to the youth of Pakistan, who need to be guided out of their distractions onto a more constructive and productive path.

Hum Dono

Song: Hum Dono
Artist: Strings Featuring Natasha Noorani
Lyricist: Bilal Maqsood
Video Director: Soheb Akhtar

Strings are back with the fifth release of their on going studio album, 30. Starring Hasnain Lehri and Sabeeka Imam and also featuring the talented Natasha Noorani on vocals, ‘Hum Dono’ is a delicate and breezy romantic song with an undercurrent of energy ready to burst out. ‘Hum Dono’ reminds us to slow down in these fast paced times in order to capture timeless moments with our loved ones. Directed by Soheb Akhtar, the video attempts to visualize that emotion.

Chal Para

The sixth release ‘Chal Para’ of Strings’ studio album ‘30’ is an anthem that offers everyone a simple mantra: Follow your heart and you shall find your way. A much needed reminder in this shared adventure called life. Shot with a dream-like aesthetic, by the director Mohsin Kamal, the video reiterates the same point and highlights a lighter -never seen before- side of the band.

Naina Strings, Sona Mohapatra

Celebrating 30 years in the music industry, Pakistan’s favorite and most iconic band for 3 decades, STRINGS announce the release of the seventh track, ‘ Naina ’ from their sixth album titled ‘ 30 ’. This album’s name denotes Strings’ 30 years in music and it has received incredible response all year long.

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