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Tera Zikr Darshan Raval | Official Video

With an infectious tune, captivating lyrics and beautiful visuals that stay with you forever, ‘’Tera Zikr’’ is Darshan Raval’s best musical masterpiece!

Composed, sung and produced by the multi-talented artist, the song video is being released by Sony Music across all key digital platforms.

A beautifully crafted new age love story that emotes different feelings- it will make you want to listen and watch on loop!
Fans have been eagerly waiting for a new song by Darshan and with the release of Tera Zikr, the fans are overjoyed and their love has been overwhelming.

The song video features Darshan who looks dapper yet adorable with the gorgeous Malhaar Rathod who together make a handsome much-in-love couple.

Song Credits

Singer – Darshan Raval
Composer – Darshan Raval
Lyrics – A M Turaz

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