Urr Jaoon Strings | Official Song Released


Song: Urr Jaoon
Artist: Strings
Lyricist: Bilal Maqsood
Video Director: Jami Moor

The second track of the album, “30”, Urr Jaaon is a mellow number featuring Maqsood’s mellifluous vocals cushioned in the quintessential Strings pop-rock sound. With lyrics that lift the song to a whole new sphere, the experience of Urr Jaoon is personal and heavy with emotion.

This video also marks the reunion of Strings & Jami, a dynamic combination that has always led to some groundbreaking audio-visual collaborations. With Urr Jaoon, Jami cleverly juxtaposes the war between the light and the dark within ourselves through the conceptual music video. Shedding light upon an issue that plagues our society, the song is given a new meaning with the visual landscape that he sculpts.

Watch Urr Jaoon Strings Below

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