Virat Kohli And Anushka Sharma Are Breaking Up???


Virat and Anushka breaking up

After so many  celebrity break ups  in 2016 now rumors is that Virat and Anushka’s relationship is facing rocks these days. They even unfollowed each other on instagram, it became news when a fan noticed. Everybody thought it happened because they broke up then later on same day a fan page of Virat-Anuskha clarifies that Virat’s account was facing some technical glitch as it unfollows or blocks accounnt. They still follow each other on Twitter. Now there is new controversy that Anushka has turned down his marriage proposal. According to Spotboye.com, it is said that Anushka has turned down Virat’s marriage proposal. So this is what happened. Virat wants to tie the knot this year but Anushka has different plans in mind. A source told the portal, “Anushka wants to focus on work in 2016, both as an actress and a producer. She would like to wait till 2017 at least. This led to a fight between Virat and her, and they’re not on great terms now.” it has been a long time since they have been seen together it might be a hint that they parted ways.

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